Main Resources

The Consortium Otish management team is composed of the following main resources:

Professional Resources

  • Consortium Otish Management - Aboriginal Relations Consultant: M. Wapachee
  • Consortium Otish Management - Specialized Project Consultant: Bruno Del Degan
  • Environment: Janick Gingras
  • Economic studies: Matthew Gagné 
  • Stategic planning: Bruno Del Degan
  • Forestry: Bernard Massé and Alain Jacques
  • Geomatics and information technology: Bernard Massé
  • Urbanism and land use planning: François Bienvenu
  • Archaeology: Céline Dupont-Hébert
  • Civil Engineering: Charles Gauthier
  • Drone survey : Jonathan Blais

The team is also able to call on other professionals, technicians and specialists as required.