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    Proud partner in your projects since 2011
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    Qualified, passionate team
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    Know-how and expertise
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    Present at every phase of your project
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    Large-scale projects
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    Involved in the development of Cree communities
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    Conservation and development, together in harmony
Established since 2011, the Consortium Otish is a multidisciplinary Cree company specialized in the assessment, planning, management and development of Cree natural resources, workforce and land.
The Consortium Otish promotes and encourages the expertise and training of professional and technical Cree resources. This implication contributes to the professional and economic development of Cree communities and favours the inclusion of their knowledge and skills.
The Consortium Otish provides quality professional and technical services based on a personalized client-based approach. It offers sustainable, reliable, innovative solutions thanks to its unique expertise aimed to ensure the complete satisfaction of our clients.
Sustainable development
Since it’s foundation in 2011, the Consortium Otish introduced a sustainable development strategy, with the aim of minimizing its environmental impact, becoming more socially responsible, reducing its costs and setting an example of sustainable product and service management.

Affiliated companies