Main Resources

The Consortium Otish team is composed of the following main resources:

Professional Resources

  • Matthew Wapachee - Consortium Otish Management - Aboriginal Relations Consultant
  • Bruno Del Degan - Consortium Otish Management - Forest Engineer - Specialized Project Consultant
  • Grégory Bourguelat, Réjean Benoit, Amélie Drolet, Janick Gingras, Lucie Legoubey, Jean Maltais and Roxanne Yurievich - Biologists - Ecosystems and biodiversity; Environmental Management; Sustainable development
  • Bernard Massé, Alain Jacques, Hugo Trottier and David Vaugeois - Forest Engineers - Forestry assessments, surveys and studies
  • Céline Dupont-HébertArchaeologist - Heritage and Archaeology
  • Alexandre Larouche, Matthew Gagné and Raphaël Readman - Economist and Specialists in economics and industrial relations - Economic studies
  • Louis-Mathieu Fréchette, François Bienvenu and Marilyn Bronsard-Harvey - Urban Planner and Urban Planner Advisors - Land use planning and development and social environment
  • Charles Gauthier, Pierre Beaulieu, Jonathan Blais, Hugo Fontaine, Sébastien Girard-Jean and Claude Poirier - Civil Engineers - Civil engineering and drone survey

Technical Support

  • Louis-Charles BarretteEnvironmental and Forestry Technician - Fieldwork Manager
  • Clayton Jolly, James Wapachee and Rose Wapachee - Cree Technicians - Wildlife, botanical and forestry surveys; Environnemental surveillance and follow-up
  • Other technicians in ecology, forestry and civil engineering - Wildlife, botanical and forestry surveys; Capture and marking of animals; Environnemental surveillance and follow-up; Civil engineering work
  • Denis Sundström and Nancy Caron - Cartographers and Geomaticians - Digital mapping and geomatics
  • Jean-François Drapeau - Computer Scientist and Geomatician - Programming, analysis and geomatics
  • Steve Deslongchamps, Michelle Larivière and Louis-Emmanuel Tremblay - Photo Interpreters and Forest Technicians - Photo interpretation of natural environments

The team is also able to call on other professionals, technicians and specialists as required.